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How To: Sign Up in Infinite Campus Parent Portal

An email will be sent to parents from Infinite Campus in regards to Parent Portal Activation

Example Email Message

The email will contain a link which will begin the account activation process.

Example Email Message Full

Click on the link provided in the email and it will take the user to the portal to set up a username and password

Infinite Campus Parent Account Creation Page

Username should be an email address that is active and accessible

*Please note- the password strength has to be at 100% in order to click the “Submit” button

Password Strength Example

After clicking the “Submit” button it will prompt the user to go back to the login screen to sign in

Parent Campus Login Page

Upon the first time logging into the Parent Portal; the system will ask the user to set a “Security Email” 

This should be the same email that is used for the “Username”; the email MUST be ACTIVE and ACCESSIBLE

The user will enter their email address and then enter the password they just used to set up their Parent Portal account

Setting a Security Email

*Please note- make sure to click the “Save” button to set the Account Security email

After clicking “Save” it will take the user to the Parent Portal Homescreen

Home Screen Notification Message