Norristown Area School District Title I Information

The US Department of Education (USDE) created the Title Program to provide underfunded school communities the resources needed to ensure that students are afforded the same educational opportunities and ability to succeed as their peers. 

Between late spring and early summer, USDE will provide preliminary allocation amounts so that school districts are able to appropriately plan for the coming academic year based on approximate figures. It is expected that the allocation amounts are subject to change and can fluctuate either up or down. Around February or March, USDE usually releases the final allocation amounts for school districts.

NASD’s SY 23-24 preliminary allocations are as follows:

2023-2024 Preliminary Allocations

  • Title IA - $3,628,198

    • NASD operates (12) Title I Schoolwide Programs in each of our buildings in order to provide the needed flexibility to provide supplemental services to any student who’s identified as needing additional support or personalized instruction. 

  • Title ID - $84,384

    • NASD, because we have Montgomery County Youth Center within our district boundaries, is provided a Title ID allocation to assist MCYC in providing educational services meant to carry out high-quality educational programs to prepare children and youth for secondary school completion, training, employment, or further education. 

  • Title IIA - $384,197

    • The purpose of Title IIA funds is to provide students access to educators that are highly qualified and effective in helping them meet the challenging state academic standards. If all teachers are considered qualified, school districts are able to use these funds for the purpose of class size reduction. NASD chooses this option annually to broaden the number of educators it can bring into its schools for class size reduction. 

  • Title III - $278,068

    • In order to assist EL students in developing English proficiency and meeting the Commonwealth’s rigorous academic standards, NASD utilizes its Title III allocation for bilingual community liaisons assigned to each building to facilitate communication with and provide support for EL parents & families. 

  • Title IV - $215,026

  • Combined Title IIA & IV Allocation - $599,223

    • Title IV funding is intended to provide all students with access to a well-rounded education and to improve school conditions for student learning. NASD utilizes this allocation for class size reduction by combining it with our Title IIA funding.

  • Total Title Allocation - $4,338,288