NASD Eagle-Net

Norristown Area School District Eagle-Net WiFi for Students

The Norristown Area School District is proud to offer a brand new service for the students of Norristown Area High School and the Roosevelt Campus of the NAHS that will allow any student in good standing to connect their personal device to the NASD WiFi Network!

Each student will be able to register a single mobile device that will be able to connect. 

Only students who are in good standing will be able to connect. The current requirements to be in good standing are:

  1. Being Present and on time to class

    • No Unexcused or Class Cuts

  2. Completing your work

    • No more than 1 missed assignment per class

  3. Respecting Everyone

    • No suspensions 

All the requirements listed above watch the last 5 school days.

Should you make a mistake and fall out of good standing, after 5 school days, you will return to good standing and your device will connect back automatically!

Apple iOS and Android have different requirements. Please see their specific instructions on how to register and get connected today!