Mrs. Brooke Vaught

Originally from a small town south of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Brooke Vaught moved to the Philadelphia area 15 years ago. Black History Month is important to her for several reasons.  She grew up in a community that was not very diverse, and in fact did not have a teacher of color until her sophomore year of college. And while she was already attending school to become an educator, this was the first time she saw representation. 

Hancock Elementary School is one of the most diverse schools in Pennsylvania. Mrs. Vaught shared that

 “Black History Month is so important because there is so much talent, culture, and strength in our diversity… It is important for students of color to know where they come from and that they are a part of Black History.” 

During Black History Month, Mrs. Vaught tries to keep reading and learning about Black History and leaders. She also makes the effort to teach not only her students, but her own children too, about the importance of Black History and how to stand against racism. 

One leader that has inspired Mrs. Vaught is Dr. Caryl Sheffield, one of the first educators of color that Mrs. Vaught encountered. Mrs. Vaught also admires Michelle Obama, as a mother, as a wife, and as a leader. Currently, a local leader that Mrs. Vaught turns to for wisdom and leadership is Dr. Yolanda Williams, NASD’s Assistant Superintendent.

Mrs. Vaught wants all of her students to know that 

“regardless of where you come from, what your household looks like, or your zip code, as long as you have the will, dream, and fire in your heart anything is possible. My childhood was a prime example of just that. It sounds so cliche, but it’s so true.” 

Mrs. Vaught earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and played volleyball at California University of Pennsylvania (now PennWest California) and her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Cabrini College. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two children, ages 4 and 14. Mrs. Vaught loves spending time with her family, running, taking trips to the beach, and traveling back to the Pittsburgh area.